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VISION: A happy world where everyone gives more

Trao's dream is to open the road for human to go back to nature. Through its projects, Trao envisions a world where humans can live in harmony and co-operate with nature. 

MISSION: Promote the culture of giving with respect 

The Earth does not have enough resources to sustain human greed, which is the root cause of all suffering on this planet such as wars, environmental pollution and climate change.

However, if each person just 1% more, the Earth will once again become a wonderful place to live. 

Moreover, true giving must start from respect — meaning from a deep understanding of human and nature.

In Latin, Respect also means to see something (Spect) again (Re-). 

  • Ideas and preparation: Since 2012
  • Officially established: May 2016
  • Place of establishment: Danang City (Vietnam) 
  • Headquarter: Hanoi Capital (Vietnam)
  • Meaning of the word Trao: To give with respect
  • Logo's meaning: Enso Circle - "The art of imperfection"
  • Slogan: Give Differently
  • Management Method: The Trao Way
  • Product Philosophy: Respectful products at respectful prices


  • Gieo – The Miracle Gifts from Seeds: tells stories about how miracles come to life. From there, seeds become the most affordable, yet the most unforgettabe gift to give to someone.
  • Trao Books: publishes 'sowing miracles' book series for children. The series helps children open up a future of freedom and humanity for themselves and mankind.
  • Trao Studio: composes songs and musicals for children. Trao Studio's music will always sparkle with love for life and nature.
  • Seeds School: trains The Trao Way of working and managing a company. It helps everyone to work in the RIGHT way, achieve more results with less stresses.

Trao's Mission Promote the culture of giving with respect

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For Nature: Trao serves with grateful heart.

Trao does not create its own products. Our products are all parts of Nature, and we only serve as the intermediary to deliver those gifts to the community.

From this spirit, the projects undertaken by Trao harmonize with Nature's dreams, serving not only humans but also caring for all living beings. Consequently, each project has the potential to become a legacy for future generations.

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For customers and community: ‘Trao serves differently’

At Trao, our business goals and social goals always go hand in hand. We provide respectful products at respectful prices. Moreover, our products and services are meticulously designed to have its own stories, so to offer our customers ways to give differently.

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For our team: Trao helps everyone to become the best versions of themselves.

Trao Group is a team of people who enjoy giving more. We live and work based on Trao's 12 core values. At Trao, the personality and talents of each person are always valued. This is because a relationship only holds meaning when we can help others blossom into the best versions of themselves.

Some of our notable customers:

We have the pleasure to serve thousands of companies. Many of them are in the Fortune 500 Global List. They are also the sponsor of Trao cultures.

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“All the flowers of the tomorrows are in the seeds of today.”