tells stories about how miracles come to life. From there, seeds become the most affordable, yet the most unforgettabe gift to give to someone.

Trao Books

publishes 'sowing miracles' book series for children. The series helps children open up a future of freedom and humanity for themselves and mankind.

Trao Studio

composes songs and musicals for children. Trao Studio's music will always sparkle with love for life and nature.

Seeds School

trains The Trao Way of working and managing a company. It helps everyone to work in the RIGHT way, achieve more results with less stresses.

Many of Trao Group's customers are companies on the Fortune 500 Global list:

Trang chủ - Trao Group 7
Trang chủ - Trao Group 8
Trang chủ - Trao Group 9
Trang chủ - Trao Group 10
Trang chủ - Trao Group 11
Trang chủ - Trao Group 12
Trang chủ - Trao Group 13

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The dream of Trao and Gieo

is to open the way for people to return to nature. By reviving the culture of giving with respect, Trao sees a happy world - where people can live in harmony and cooperate with nature. 

“All the flowers of the tomorrows are in the seeds of today..”

The Trao Way

is a business management method that focuses more on planting than on results, because 'nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished'.

Trang chủ - Trao Group 14

Fairy tale universe

is a natural continuation of the fairy tale characters of Vietnam and the world but in a more humane, forgiving and loving version.

Trang chủ - Trao Group 15


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