Trao's projects

The Trao Group was established in July 2016, starting from the idea of ​​building a group of companies which sharing the same value ​​of respect. These companies may operate in many different fields but they all provide the market with good products / services at a respectful price.

Currently, Trao Group is growing some projects with the desire to spread Traoism – the culture of giving with respect in many aspects, first in Vietnam, and then later in the world.

Roselle Original Collection: A project focused on gourmets and gifts made from Hibiscus. These are the products of happiness from the plant of happiness, including tea, wine, jam, fruit juice and many other featured items. Some of the products from Hibiscus can be assembled to make beautiful, polite gift boxes at respectful price that have been enjoyed by thousands of companies and customers for the last five years.

Green Tet Gift Box: Tet 2018, the year of the dog, will be a very special Tet. Trao Group will release a new version of gift box which is extremely unique and contains wonderful messages. This gift box is expected to "paint Tet green" in the Tet gifts market the upcoming year. The Green Gift Box with the main idea “Giving the seeds of luck” promises to be the biggest, the most meaningful gift, and it will certainly send the fullest of your love to the receiver of the gift box.

Trao Givers Community: The Trao Givers community is a community of people who want to take care of mother nature and the future of mother nature by practicing a kinder and more respectful way of life. The first activity of this community is to exchange old household items that are no longer used, as a way to practice leaner lifestyles and lessen the need to shop and spend.

Trao's projects are like the seeds sown in the soil. With all due respect and philosophy of "doing business in the way of nature," we look forward to a beautiful future when every project grows into a sumptuous tree, producing sweet-smelling flowers and mouth-watering fruits for everyone.