Trao Group Introduction

Trao Group was established in July 2016, starting from the idea of ​​building a group of companies which sharing the same value ​​of respect. These companies may operate in many different fields but they all provide the market with good products / services at a respectful price.

In short words, respect borns from the sense that we don’t do to others what we do not want to happen to ourselves. We call this culture of giving with respect “Traoism”. We believe that by promoting Traoism we also make positive changes in Vietnam, where we first started, and then spread it throughout the world.

To realize this dream, we will build a brand, a vision and strategic plans to create a group of Trao Companies and Trao charity funds. Once established, Trao Group will be divided into various divisions in charge of different products and services. These divisions, after being sprouted and having the management systems finalized, will become our subsidiary companies.

- Gourmet & Gifts Division: focuses on the business of food products and gifts. Trao Gourmet & Gifts owns the original Roselle collection, which are products made from Hibiscus, including: Tea, wine, jam, fruit juice and many other products. At Trao, we call Hibiscus the plant of happines.

The products from Hibiscus can also be combined in beautiful, polite gift boxes at respectful prices that have been enjoyed by thousands of companies and individual customers for the pass five years.

In addition to the Hibiscus products, Trao Gourmet Gifts also creates beautiful and unique gift accessories that will no doubt bring excitement, joy and peace of mind to customers on many occasions in the year.

- Trao Export Division - The Pirates of Vietnam: this division will export Trao Group products to foreign countries.

- Trao Givers Community: Trao Givers community is a community of people who want to take care of mother nature and the future of mother nature by practicing a kinder and more respectful way of life. The first activity of this community is to exchange old household items that are no longer be of use, to practice a leaner lifestyle and to lessen the need for shopping and spending.

- Trao Design Division: Architectural and villa design. This is one of the hidden strengths of Trao. We have the capacity to carry out primary design for our customers. The design of Trao Design will help you turn every house into a warm home and where you will continue to build up your dreams.

Trao Group builds a business management system unlike any other company in the market today. We call it the Seeds System. This system is based on observation and respect for nature. Trao Group wishes to become a role model for "doing business in the way of nature".