Tet gifts 2018

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The happiness gift set brings joy. Now everyone can give a gift!

New, 2018 Edition!


New, 2018 Edition!

A special gift box with the “banh tet” design will deliver happiness to those you care about this Tet

(Bonus gift: 12 pieces of the SEED lucky envelope)


The best-selling gift set for the last 3 years, it is inspired by the image of the traditional bronze drum.


New, 2018 Edition!

A unique gift box with the “banh chung” design that delivers the esteemed products of traditional Vietnamese agriculture

(Bonus gift: 12 pieces of the SEED lucky envelope)


Perfect gifts for friends and family housed in a beautifully designed container.


Our top-shelf gift set, the pop-up bronze drum container is full of surprises. Masterfully designed and enjoyed by thousands of recipients for the last 3 years.


The largest and most meaningful Tet gift in Vietnam

 May contain a real “banh chung” cake!

  New, 2018 Edition!