Traoism - The culture of giving with respect


Kindness is an attitude, respect is a lifestyle.

Kindness depends on personal vision, meaning it is a reaction dominated by our senses instead of reasons. The people we treat in kind most likely are who we think have the potential to support us when necessary, so this kindness does not come from the root of innate goodness, but is actually an investment which we hope could bring profits later.

On the other hand, respect is built on the foundation of evaluations and perceptions of the outside world. Unlike kindness - a state of emotion - respect is an insistent adjustment of our own ego, thus recognizing that the world is larger than we could ever have thought - even beyond the framework of what we can see and feel. Respect does not come from who we think we are, but from knowing where we stand as a tiny creature in this vast universe.

This universe has you, me, the trees, the birds, the stars, love, and lots, lots of hope.

Most human beings do not recognize this and even if they do, they pretend to not see the truth. In time, humans gradually believe in their superior position. The natural sufficient life is corroded by the obsessions of a consumer society. Therefore, we can't keep ourselves from taking advantages of one another, damaging each other, destroying the environment, destroying the habitats where we were born and raised, and killing what we are supposed to protect. The forests are being cut down for cold steel buildings to take place, because the trees can only give us fresh air and not buy us, say, a personal aeroplane.

When people become blinded by personal ambitions, respect for life itself cannot exist. An economic model that only seeks to increase profits, as a matter of fact, will be kind to rich customers and mistreat poorer ones. We've seen leaders of infamous companies which have polluted the water sources of nearby residential areas, in the desperation to protect their image, act so kind to the shareholders at the same breath as their total denial of responsibility for indirectly spreading illness in contaminated water. The people on the other side - where their voices were simply ignored - were looked down to the lowest by their own kin.

In a society where living with righteousness and honesty would be considered foolish, what we really need is much more of those who claim to be a fool - who, at the same time, are very courageous.

Trao Group is one of them. Trao Group operates with the philosophy of Traoism - the culture of giving with respect - an organization that believes people and nature have the right to be treated with fairness and love instead of being deprived of humanity and the desire to live just to build up cold, silent numbers in a lifeless bank account.

Trao Group is not a rich organization, because Trao Group does not decide what you deserve by the thick of your wallet. Trao Group does not invest money to create a poor quality product and tricks you into the consumer trap. All products brought to you by Trao Group are made from our hearts through a long time of relentless working, because they are made solely for your sake.

Your position, gender, race, colour or age do not affect the quality of Trao Group products. Trao Group respects you for your pure existence, as natural and wholesome as green leaves on the branches, birds singing in the garden, ripening rice in the vast field. You are the seed of life on Earth, and life is indeed a precious thing.

With all due respect, Trao Group wishes to be the fresh water caring for you, and looking forward to the day you will bloom as beautifully as a flower.