The meaning of the name "Trao"


In English, give and bestow are two synonyms both mean “to give”. However, synonymous as they are, the expression of these two verbs is different. Bestow means to give something to someone to show how much they are respected. In other words, bestow is a higher stative verb than give. When the simple act give is entrusted with the respectful sentiments of the speaker or the writer, it becomes bestow.

In Vietnamese, cho, which has the same meaning as give, is widely used in everyday life, in all environments and to almost everyone. However, because of its high applicability, cho (give) is not a strong verb that is capable of representing the thoughts and emotions of the speaker, thus the listener may not perceive the message that speaker wants to convey.

If in English bestow is the higher version of give, in Vietnamese the brother of cho is trao. Trao is a special word only used in some special circumstances, it’s extremely rare to encounter and not a popular word within Vietnamese cultural lifestyle. Easterners in general and Vietnamese people in particular are very careful in using the “big words” such as: sorry, thanks, please..., because to Vietnamese people these words sound too formal and distant.

The downside of that subjective assessment, however, is that along the way the Vietnamese forget that each human being, including their own self, deserves respect and that sometimes needs to be expressed through language. When we think simple words like thanks or sorry are "big words," in reality we are underestimating ourselves - as in deeming we ourselves are not worthy of these fundamental words. If we cannot loosen that strict view on ourselves and learn to accept respect in the most common forms, we will create favourable conditions for the lack of respect instead.

Lack of respect is one of the main reasons contributing to the current corruption of business philosophy of many Vietnamese businesses. Why? Is it because we and our customers do not dare to speak up for our own benefits? Is it because in our own hearts we are lacking self-respect, assuming that we are not worthy of the “big” standards? The companies doing business based on the lack of respect do not feel the need to create the best products to express their gratitude to the customers, maybe because they know that their customers not only would not accept it but also would grimace "No need to be so formal."

That is why Trao was born. Trao is also give, but it is give with respect. Trao represents the respect that many Vietnamese people have forgotten for a long time. Trao hope you will understand that the best products are not the most expensive products. The hand-knitted sweater from your mother can’t be as expensive as a fashionable branded dress. Your mother’s sweater is not made of wool or decorated with precious gems, it’s only made of love, of the wish that it will keep you warm when winter comes.

Trao gives you our dearest respect, with the hope that you can give it to yourself, and to the world around you.