Introduction to Trao's management system: The SEEDS SYSTEM


The Seed Management System was officially written in October 2016, but its journey of creation was started many years ago.

Trao Group builds and manages business in the way of nature, like the development of a tree - starts with a seed, then grows the sprouts, the blooming flowers, and finally the fruits. We call it The Seed System. The foundation of The Seed System is the combination of:

- Respect: When everyone walks along the path of nature, they will know what they need to do and what to do first.

- 80/20 rule: 20% of effort will produce 80% of result.

- 5 Levels of Leadership: Read more at this link

Main purposes:

- If the Captains don’t know which task is the most important and urgent, and doesn’t know how to effectively use the available resources (financial and human resources), the management process will face many difficulties. Thus, we came up with a solution - the SEED SYSTEM is a set of tools specially designed to help the Captains solve this problem.

- This system will abolish the traditional management system including positions that don’t directly generate revenue such as CEO, operating executives, and managing positions.

- In their replacement, the system will add more positions that will directly generate revenue. These new positions will write business guidelines (which we call SMARTS Instruction): Specific, Achievable, Measurable, Realistic, Time-related, Strategy-related. These guidelines will help to increase revenue as well as reduce costs. Furthermore, they will constantly be updated and improved at all levels.

- Creating a modern management system is like sowing seeds and caring for them. That is the Seed System (also known as TRAO System).

Introduction: Each fruit of success must be started from a seed. We harvest what we sow. You can watch the story "The man who planted trees" below to understand more about this idea.


Everything starts with a dream, then decisions are made after. Successes are but design drawings of necessary combination of decisions that need to be made in order to achieve success.

The Seed Development Process is compressed in the complete guidelines containing all decisions for success. These guidelines - or SMARTS Instructions, are the actual assets that generate revenue for the company.

How does this system work?

Trao group’s organizational system consists of these following positions, similar to crews on a sailing fleet:

Admirals: Founders: Commanders of the fleet: In charge of the Dreams

Captains: In charge of the Visions

Mate 1: Strategic Leader: In charge of strategies

Mate 2: Tactical Leader: In charge of tactics

Mate 3: Operational Leader: In charge of operations

Mate 4: Duty Manager: In charge of results monitoring

Crew – Deploying division: In charge of performing tasks based on the SMARTS instructions provided by the leaders.


The ship named Trao Group will build the culture of respect and exports this value to the world

The crew will produce results based on the 'seeds' provided by the leaders (the Captains and the Mates).

- The Captains and Mates will write the instructions (SEEDS).

- The crew will produce the results (FRUITS).

- The Duty Manager will:

           + Ensure that results are achieved

           + Check the results

           + Evaluate the results in comparison with the instructions (seeds) and send reports to the Captains

           + Provide Employee Performance Appraisals

           + Control reward policies for employees

What are seeds and who will write the seeds?

Seeds are the complete sets of SMARTS Instructions, including:

- Microsoft Word document = Seed level 0 + 1

- Microsoft Excel document = Excel

- Microsoft Project Document = Progress and Resources Management

The seeds are the decisions = SMARTS Instructions - These instructions present a process of decision-making in the way of nature.

Seeds 0 = DNA Seeds = DNAs of the project

Seed 1 = Core Seeds = Core values of the project

Seeds 2 = Conceptual seeds = Strategic visions

Seeds 3 = Tactical Seeds = Development process

Seeds 4 = Operational Seeds = Deployment process

Seeds 5 = Quality Control Seeds

The leaders will create seeds as SMARTS instructions. All these instructions aim to produce optimal results, profitability, efficiency, speed, and customer satisfaction.

The details are as follow:

SEEDS 0 = DNA Seeds = The guidelines / solutions born from the “dreams” of the company = The foundation

Each success first starts from a seed. We call it the Dream seed.

Here is the question: Why do we need to implement The Seed System?

Every year, the Captains has to take a great deal of time to resolve many difficulties and perform repetitive tasks such as:

- Managing tasks

- Explaining what should be obvious

- Training the crew of basic working skills

- Training the crew of the basic principles of respect

It’s the norm that many members of the crew might leave the ship after working a certain period of time, and the ship must recruit and train new crew all over again.

Each year, there are similar projects that need to be implemented, but since there’s no standard for it the Captains has to spend the same amount of time every year to manage the same things. As such, the wasted time spent on those tasks will make the Captains lose more opportunities to create more solutions and products. They cannot accomplish their job and therefore cannot devote their talents and time to ensure optimal success.

Every year, the Captains must deal with a list of problems and provide initial solutions for:

- Make a selective list of the projects the company should do

- Implement specific projects such as showroom, website, recruitment, training, ...

Solution: creating a company management system that will gradually reduce and eventually eliminate the problems above, minimizing wastage of human resources, time and money. This system starts with respect.

SEEDS 1 = Core seeds = Visionary solutions / instructions

These core seeds concentrate on delivering the best customer experience possible.

SEEDS 2 = Conceptual seeds = Strategic solutions / instructions

These seeds are to build a new management system consist of Captains and Mate 1, 2, 3, 4, in order to accomplish all the tasks of the directors, managers and team leaders in the traditional management system. It can be achieved by:

- Using specific computer tools and software to develop the TRAO System, including SMARTS Instructions and job descriptions.

- Researching, creating and developing strategies = Creating Computer Templates for:

- Work Plan

- List of major projects and sub projects

- Smarts Instructions

- Organizational structure and responsibilities, duties and end results allocation.

- Recruitment

SEEDS 3 = Tactical solutions / instructions = Development and improvement: Continue to improve the strategic solutions above to complete the templates.

SEEDS 4 = Operational solutions / instructions = 2nd improvement = To 100% complete the instructions/templates, ready to produce results.

In other words, if Trao Group is a tree then:

- Admirals will create the seed

- The Captains will be the trunk.

- The Mates will be the branches, leaves, flowers and fruits.

- And the crew will be responsible for harvesting.