The Roselle Original Collection Introduction


The Roselle Original Collection of Trao Gourmet & Gifts, is a collection of products made from Hibiscus, including tea, wine, candied Hibiscus, syrups, biscuits, salt, Tet gifts, etc.


Since 2012, The Roselle Original Collection has been researched, created and developed by Vietnam Commerce and Services Joint Stock Company in which the founder of Trao group - Mister Luong Ngoc Duc held the position of Chairman. Following after the steps of the 20-year research on Hibiscus Sabdariffa of the scientist Mai Thi Tan, he has been giving each product a soul of their own. And so, Hibiscus has become the plant of happiness, the products made from Hibiscus has become the products of happiness.

Every year, the products made from Hibiscus – the plant of happiness, keep on carrying out their mission better. The Roselle Original Collection thrives on having more diverse, delicious and beautiful products which will be delivered to more families in Vietnam and in the world. The happy journey of Hibiscus flower will continue to be created and enhanced by the preeminent management system of Trao Group.

The Roselle Original collection's 5-year journey

Each Hibiscus product is a messenger of happiness which brings to the customers the reminder that "True happiness comes from inside of you and happiness is right at this moment". Roselle (directly under Trao Group) has:

- Invested in product development and research to develop a strategy for Hibiscus. This activity was paid special attention with the participation and cooperation of many national and international experts such as Holland and USA.

- Sponsored dozens of major cultural, social and economic events in the country such as Operation Smile Vietnam; Miss Universe 2015; TP World Golf Championships; Nick Vujicic coming to Vietnam.

- Attended many domestic and international fairs such as: Vietnam Expo EXPO, Spring Fair, Agricultural Fair, Charity Bazaar fair, Myanmar Trade Fair.

- Brought Hibiscus products to most large supermarkets in Hanoi such as VinMart, SapoMart, Aeon Mall, clean food systems and retail stores.

- Attached the attention of many restaurants, cafes and five-star hotels in Vietnam such as Pullman Hotel, New World Hotel, Nikko (Saigon), Holiday Beach (Danang) JW Marriot Hanoi, Highlands Coffee; The Kafe.

- Initially brought products to international markets such as Japan, Korea, China, USA and Europe.

- Invested in creating innovative artworks that express the gratitude and love for people and our homeland such as Trong Dong gift boxes, Banh Chung cards, Banh Tet cards, Monkey family lucky envelopes.

Media units that have written news about Trao Group:

- Vnexpress e-newspaper

- Entrepreneurs & Laws Magazine

- Entrepreneur Style Magazine

- Shopping Handbook Magazine

- Health+ Magazine

- Sketch Magazine (for the Japanese community in Vietnam)

- Vietnam Korea Times

Since established, Roselle has had a mission to construct a company with the values of happiness and creativity, as well as build a business with the products of happiness. Roselle ensures a happy working environment for each and every employee so that their happy sentiments will be 'packed' into each product delivered to the customers.

Roselle's Tet gifts bring to you a lot of excitement and surprise. Each Tet gift is entrusted with a heartful message of peace and luck from the sender to the receiver.